In the last few weeks, we’ve been experiencing a constant back and forth between concerns about a pandemic surge and expectations for recovery, supported by sufficiently positive economic data.
As I had occasion to examine some time ago, the emergency has, at a global level, brought uncertain reactions and untimely interventions, highlighting the ineffectiveness of many leadership models, which turned out to be obsolete and unable to adequately address the changes taking place. However, the excellent data on Italian exports allow me the opportunity to observe how small and medium-sized Italian companies have dealt with the situation strategically, demonstrating very forward-looking leadership. Above all, I was struck by how they managed to transform the forced production slowdown into crucial time to reflect and behave, developing actions to be promoted both immediately and in the future.

Small and medium-sized enterprises, the backbone of our economy and the banner of “Made in Italy” – always undisputed for excellence and appreciated by the international market – have taken advantage of this uncertain period with lucidity and discernment for self-improvement and development, which makes their attitudes more and more flexible, backed by experience and competence.
Italian leaders have prepared for the impending change by investing in customer loyalty, communicating their production chain and adopting ethical and transparent policies aimed at increasingly eco-sustainable growth. They are also committed to increasing the development of alternative business models that can adapt to the multiple market fluctuations, promoting technology and disseminating it internally by profitably using Smart Working. From the internationalization standpoint, the protection of “Made in Italy” has also moved in guaranteeing the product’s origin and enhancing its geographical origin.

The result of so much effort and forward-looking strategies can be seen in the Italian export statistics for last April, which recorded important figures. According to ISTAT , on an annual basis, exports to the United States grew by 112.5%, to France by +116.6% and to Spain by 120.8%. It’s true that after the shock of 2020 an economic rebound was foreseeable, but achieving certain results still necessitates working well, without improvisation and with great determination.
The captains of Italian enterprise have always done this, constantly seeking to create and promote their products and services with originality, creativity and innovation. A legacy that we have from a strong identity 2,500 years old in history and culture. It is not by chance that a product “Made in Italy” is synonymous with “beautiful and well made.”

Italian companies and the “Italian System” therefore are confirmed as an example to be emulated: they have always been appreciated in the world for their ability to maintain good commercial relations also, thanks to a refined and effective quality of dialog with foreign counterparts.
Europe also believes in the efforts made by Italian SMEs to safeguard their brands in this period of crisis. In fact, Ecofin has recently given its final approval to Italy’s “National Recovery and Resilience Plan” submitted by the Draghi government, which will soon produce an initial “injection” of 25 billion euros into our economy.
I trust that the leadership of Italian entrepreneurs will continue to be an example of credibility and reliability. Certainly, the intelligent use of its creative and original talents can direct our SMEs towards a more and more eco-sustainable future, one more technologically innovative and in continuous relationship with the world.

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