Andrea Mennillo profilo professionale

Andrea Mennillo holds Bachelor of Science degrees in business from Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II and in international banking from University of Lecce.

He began his career at Price Waterhouse in 1986 where he started out as a chartered accountant before becoming a consultant. He left two years later to lead the Corporate Finance Department at PARFIN, a private investment firm where he rose to Managing Director before he joined Banca Popolare di Brescia (BIPOP) in 1994.

At BIPOP, Andrea Mennillo was responsible for helping to transform what was then a small local bank into an international financial institution that made significant gains in its asset holdings and profitability. He led the bank’s rollout of a new multichannel banking model across Europe over the course of several years. In addition to being Italy’s first online bank, Bipop was later the European leader in online trading and banking after buying the German bank Entrium Direct Bankers AG.

Up until he left Bipop in 2002, he held a number of leadership positions within the group, including General Manager of Fineco Holding; Bipop Group’s Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Development; Chief Executive Officer of Akros Finanziaria, Cisalpina Previdenza, and Fineco Merchant; Board Member of Safei S.A. in Spain, Entrium Bank in Germany, and Banque BIPOP in France; and Chairman of Bipop España Holding.

In 2004 Andrea Mennillo became an advisor to Cesarini – Gualtieri, a corporate finance and strategic consulting firm. Two years later he was appointed Chief Investment Officer of La Centrale Finanziaria Generale and Chief Executive Officer of La Centrale Merchant, the group’s investment arm. From 2008 to 2010, he joined Cassa Depositi e Prestiti as a member of its Experts Committee to help develop its repositioning strategies and served as a Steering Committee member of the Marguerite Fund and INFRAMED Infrastructure.

Andrea Mennillo returned to the consulting world in 2010 as a senior advisor to the Italian investment fund F2i SGR. In 2014 he founded IDA Capital (International Development Advisory), a consulting firm for international development projects. In 2014 he began delivering lectures at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business in New York, and is an advisor to the university’s Fordham Europe initiative. In 2020 he was appointed Chairman of London Centre Advisory Board.

Beyond the business realm, Andrea Mennillo, his wife, and two children are deeply involved with the Society of Jesus to support Jesuit missionary work and education initiatives around the world. Most recently, he helped fund, manage, and realize several infrastructure projects in Burkina Faso to contribute to the country’s socioeconomic growth and promote health and education. The projects resulted in building 100 water wells in Dissin, a dam in Routenga, and an agricultural school in Lebda, which named in memory of Andrea’s father, Domenico Mennillo. Some 250 Burkinabé students between 12 and 17 years old are enrolled at the school.

Andrea Mennillo holds Bachelor of Science degrees in business from Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II and in international banking from University of Lecce. He continued his education at the Institut Catholique de Paris, La Sorbonne, and INSEAD Fontainebleau in France; University of Cambridge and University of Oxford in the United Kingdom; and at the University of Schwäbisch Hall in Germany.