Trinity Pawling School

Support for the education of young people

For many young people, being able to access quality education is a privilege, if not a dream.
For this reason, Andrea Mennillo and his family have set up the “Mennillo Family Scholarship Fund”, an initiative dedicated to the financial support of deserving young people who cannot access higher education. Over the years, the “Mennillo Family Scholarship Fund” has awarded scholarships to young people from all over the world to attend the Trinity Pawling School in New York.

In the academic field, Andrea Mennillo and his family support the Gabelli School of Business, the Fordham University Business School in New York, and its educational mission, which is founded on the solid principles of the Jesuit tradition. A commitment aimed at enriching the educational experience of students and providing them with training opportunities that are always new and in step with the times.

Andrea Mennillo e la sua famiglia sostengono Gabelli School of Business, la Business School di Fordham University a New York
Pro bono

Commitment to sustainable development

Since 2004 Andrea Mennillo and his family have contributed to various solidarity projects in Burkina Faso, aimed at the growth of one of the poorest countries in the world.

Among these, as part of the “A Challenge to the Desert” project, is the Roumtenga Dam, built in 2004 under the guidance of Father Umberto Libralato, at the time responsible for the missionary projects of MAGIS, the foundation that manages the missionary projects of the Company of Jesus in Italy. It is 70 km south of the capital Ouagadougou, with the aim of nurturing the local ecosystem for natural forestation, agriculture and livestock breeding.

In 2007 the Mennillo family contributed to the construction of 500 artesian wells in the Dissin area, between Ghana and the Ivory Coast. A project that supplied the local population with clean water for personal hygiene and nutrition, thus hastening the disappearance of a number of infectious diseases.

Furthermore, again as part of the same project promoted by MAGIS, in 2013 the Mennillo family participated in the construction of the “Domenico Mennillo” Agricultural High School in Lebda, an institute named in memory of Andrea Mennillo’s father, with the aim of providing agricultural skills to the local youth. It offers a way to a better future through the development of sustainable agriculture in their local area.

Liceo Agricolo “Domenico Mennillo” di Lebda
Liceo Agricolo “Domenico Mennillo” di Lebda
Costruzione del Liceo Agricolo “Domenico Mennillo” di Lebda
500 pozzi artesiani