Gabelli School of Business digital event

As chairman of the Fordham London Center Advisory Board, it was an honor for me to introduce the conference called “The Future of Business Education”, the first digital event hosted virtually by the Fordham London Center.
The initiative, part of the celebrations for the centenary of the Gabelli School of Business, wanted to offer students and alumni an experiential vision – as broad as possible- of the challenges regarding the future of economic education. This is in line with Gabelli’s mission, which is to ensure students have the best possible training in terms of effectiveness, topicality and flexibility.

The centenary of the Gabelli School falls in a year that will surely remain etched in our memories. Global health is at risk, the economic and financial world is in great distress and our social behaviors are undergoing a drastic transformation.

“The future of Business Education” hosted by Fordham University London Centre

Education is one of the most important and enlightening human processes of change, development and progress: this fundamental phase of the educational life of young people has been profoundly affected by the pandemic.
Ninty-four percent of students worldwide have experienced interruptions and discomfort. That is almost 1.6 billion students in over 190 countries.
Education has been hurt, but there’s no reason to stop it.
Gabelli has at least another hundred years ahead in which to continue writing a story of extraordinary educational commitment in forging women and men with distinctive leadership
skills, on the model of our most prestigious alumnus and benefactor: Mario Gabelli.
I am certain that Gabelli’s model is unique, because it is inspired by the long Jesuit tradition, started over 470 years ago by St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus. Its particular values are ethical living, service to others, the search for truth, and a passion for justice. Values that we find in the teaching models we offer our students.
Move forward and “do more” is an Ignatian maxim that today encourages us to overcome the obstacles to the educational system that are posed by the pandemic.
I am proud to be committed to taking Fordham London Center towards even more ambitious goals and to become a global strategic education hub. Investments in innovative centers and accreditations on international programs will broaden our students’; perspectives and help them build solid professional and academic relationships inside and outside Europe.
Finally, I would like to thank all the esteemed speakers who took part in this stimulating conference. I would like to especially thank Donna M. Rapaccioli, Dean of the Gabelli School of Business, for making this precious event – entirely dedicated to the future of education – possible, and for her usual commitment to explore the new skills required by actual and future workplaces.
These are ideas and contributions that Fordham London Center will not fail, once again, to grasp and develop.