Andrea Mennillo e la sua famiglia sostengono Gabelli School of Business, la Business School di Fordham University a New York

Academic activity

In the academic field, Andrea Mennillo and his family support the Gabelli School of Business, the Fordham University Business School in New York, and its educational mission, which is founded on the solid principles of the Jesuit tradition. A commitment aimed at enriching the educational experience of students and providing them with training opportunities that are always new and in step with the times.

Support for the education of young people

For many young people, being able to access quality education is a privilege, if not a dream.
For this reason, Andrea Mennillo and his family have set up the “Mennillo Family Scholarship Fund”, an initiative dedicated to the financial support of deserving young people who cannot access higher education. Over the years, the “Mennillo Family Scholarship Fund” has awarded scholarships to young people from all over the world to attend the Trinity Pawling School in New York.

Trinity Pawling School